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For over 33+ years, Hosley Global ® has been a consistent market leader in the Home Industry with distribution across the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe & Australia. The Hosley® Brands are recognized as high quality, innovative products that are world class in design. Started by Mr. Piush Kumar in 1983, a second generation entrepreneur who migrated to the United States in search of greater opportunity for his family, Hosley Global is today supported by a significant infrastructure with offices across the world for optimal manufacturing and distribution.

Our values have been instilled from the very inception of our Company and these beliefs continue to act as a guiding force for our future.



Believe the Home is a sacred space that should be filled with beauty, integrity, elegance and cohesion.



We have built an ecosystem that supports over the 1000+ families across India, China and the rest of the world. Our commitment is to use our Company earnings to continue to help those in need.



We must leave our Mother Earth in the same or better condition than what we inherited. We are focused on reducing waste across our organization and have a stated goal of reaching a carbon neutral target by 2020.



At the core of our mission statement is to help ensure that you Love the Way You Live®, and we do this by loving what we do, how we do it and for whom we do it for!



This day and age, positive constructive energy is precious and as a result we create all of our products to help inspire exactly this.



Our valued Customer, the reason for which we work tirelessly day in and day out. Our Chairman has had a consistent message for our teams globally since 1983, "Serve our customers like they are our family and in turn they will become so". We are very focused on your experience and we look forward to serving you in the future.